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Swanson Group Headquarters
PO Box 250
2695 Glendale Valley Rd
Glendale, OR 97442

800-331-0831 or 541-832-1121
Fax: 541-832-1139


Chris Swanson Sales VP 541-832-1609

Greg Johnson General Sales Manager 541-832-1651

Plywood Sales 800-331-0831

Jimmy Swanson Conform Panel Sales 541-832-1648

Brian Johnson Glendale Sawmill Coordinator 541-832-1667

Matt Campbell Plywood Sales Manager 541-832-1660

Christy McDowell Sales 541-832-1241

George Hewitt Sales 541-832-1669

Casey Patnode Plywood Sales 541-832-1668

Ryan Pearson Stud & Lumber Sales 541-492-7522

Joe Buttice Stud & Lumber Sales 541-492-7521

Josh Renshaw Veneer Sales 541-295-4144

Meaghan Cheney Traffic Administrator 541-832-1644


Log Buyers

TJ Hammerschmith Log Buyer 541-817-5440

Stan Martindale Log Buyer 541-430-7809

Toby Mills Log Buyer 541-821-2249


Executive Board

Steve Swanson President and CEO 541-832-1111

Jeff Thompson VP of Manufacturing 541-832-1156

Rick Bernheisel CFO 541-832-1166

Chris Swanson Executive VP 541-832-1609

Tim Hennessey Human Resources VP 541-832-1168

Jim Dudley Timber Resources VP 541-832-1646

Jeff Remington VP of Engineering and Mill Support 541-832-1194


Human Resources

Tim Hennessey Human Resources VP 541-832-1168

Jessica Hennessey Human Resources 541-832-1216

Danielle Kent Human Resources 541-492-1103

Shannon Smith Human Resources 541-832-1272


Corporate Safety Manager

Jennifer Rudy 541-659-0421